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Transforming an internationally beloved, 5,000-year old beverage, into a sophisticated, premium beverage is an achievement that deserves anyone's keen attention. Basilur tea is a company that boasts of this remarkable achievement. Located in a land that is historically renowned for its prized tea leaves, Ceylon-now called Sri Lanka-Basilur obtains the choicest tea leaves from the very source of its growth. This treasured raw material is then combined with the strengths of Basilur. Which are, the highest quality ingredients, unmatched tea blends and innovative, unique designs, to produce an exclusive, premium tea product. With its packing plant and offices established in Colombo, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), BASILUR TEA EXPORT (PVT) LTD is a premier tea trading company exporting the finest of Ceylon Tea to a world-wide clientele.
Basilur Tea was established by an experienced and ambitious team, which counted several decades' worth of experience in this field. The goal, was to fill the gap of a niche tea market, with an exclusive tea product, offering both innovation and uniqueness in packaging & tea. Moving a step further by proving the world's finest tea in unique and extraordinary packaging, Basilur Tea Export has earned a name for its innovative and exceptional quality tea products supplied directly from right where the tea is grown, Ceylon. Custom-made shapes, special materials & printing methods, author's photographs have transformed BASILUR into only a one of its kind. The finest quality tea is blended with a stunning variety of flavors, natural fruits and herbs, to provide a delightful and refreshing tea drinking experience.
Our tea is tailored to cater to diverse moments; when you crave a thirst quenching drink. Basilur takes pride in its stylish and innovative presentations that elevates tea drinking to a premium, exclusive experience. All shapes and designs are creations by Basilur, for its discerning consumers who wish to experience a unique way of enjoying tea. The Basilur tea collection is positioned in direct contrast to the generic, standard packaging and marketing efforts of its competitors. Basilur's own customized tea containers, that open up to its premium blend of pure Ceylon tea, offer a path to higher revenue and an elite brand status. All our products are produced/packed in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) at Basilur tea packing plant using state of the art machinery to make sure their freshness, quality and hygienic conditions are protected.
Our facilities are ISO and HACCP certified to make sure the entire process is under strict quality controls. The company is registered in the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.
We possess the unique ability to pack and ship teas right where it is grown, within matter of days of harvesting, leaving all the goodness & freshness in tea. Our teas are not channeled through a third party where they will be lying for months awaiting packing and transportation to the final destination. The total production of BASILUR teas are personally supervised by skilled specialists with several decades of experience in sourcing, packing and exporting some of the world's finest teas.
The vast experience of these personal in selling tea to a world-wide clientele has made BASILUR a famous brand within a short period in these countries. BASILUR is available in major Hypermarkets, A-Grade supermarkets in addition to 'Sniffing Bars', Specialty shops and Basilur Boutiques in several countries.
Countries where Basilur teas are available ( as of January 2014 )

01. Russia

02. Moldova

03. Ukraine

04. Belorussia

05. Latvia

06. Czech Republic

07. Korea (South)

08. USA

09. Germany

10. Kazakhstan

11. Kirghistan

12. Poland

13. China

14. Estonia

15. Lithuania

16. Australia

17. New Zealand

18. Malaysia

19. United Arab Emirates

20. Canada

21. Hong Kong

22. Taiwan

23. Singapore

24. Denmark

25. Portugal

26. India

27. Colombia

28. Uzbekistan

29. Romania

30. Croatia

31. Japan

32. Saudi Arabia

33. Bahrain

34. Kuwait

35. Switzerland

36. Sweden

37. Chile

38. Thailand

39. Italy

40. Maldives

41. United Kingdom (UK)

42. Brazil

43. Slovak Republic

44. Azerbaijan

45. Hungary

46. Vietnam

47. Finland

48. South Africa

49. Spain

50. Greece

51. France

52. Austria

53. Turkey

54. Trinidad & Tobago

55. Seychelles

56. Norway

57. Philippines

58. Swaziland

59. Zambia

60. Botswana

61. Zimbabwe

62. Cyprus

63. Bangladesh

64. Mongolia

65. Georgia

66. Netherlands

67. Qatar


Our teas are from different elevations like high/middle/lower and also include a selection of world famous regions such as Uva, Dimbulla and Nuwara Eliya, renowned worldwide for producing the finest of Ceylon Black Tea. Blessed with ideal climatic conditions as a tropical country with fine precipitation all year round, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) producers some of the finest tea on earth. The world famous Ceylon 'Long leaf' teas such as OP, OPA and Tippy teas from the low grown areas of Ceylon are used in specially designed Basilur packaging to retain their historical and traditional values. Together with mineral rich soil and intense tending of our devoted artisans, it's only natural to breed the finest tea in the world. Basilur teas are packed in flavor-sealed foil pouches with zipper so that we offer the maximum protection to our tea and convenience to you. The teabags come in a foil sachet to guarantee freshness and real flavor of Basilur tea.

Over 150 products, over 70 different tea blends, and more new products/blends are being developed every year – this is Basilur tea, enjoy your favourite cuppa!
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