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Due to manufacturing and R&D cost factors coupled with their zeal to be ranked as ‘the biggest’, many global tea companies and exporters rigorously compete with each other in the tea ‘mass products’ category where every-day-tea is sold. These tea products include loose-leaf tea and teabags in very simple cardboard boxes. Although the volumes are large in this category, the competition is immense and as a result, the margins are ever shrinking.  

The unfavourable industry forces and huge expenses required on A&P, often prompt tea exporters to ask themselves:– ‘Do you really want to be in this business? ’. Because of high costs in R&D and longer periods required to change over to new packaging, some tea firms prefer to remain within this, easy, discount warehouse and voluminous category positioned against special, unique, and fancy tea products which have a smaller market share compared to mass-market teas.  Only a handful of companies are succeeding in this niche market where customized and specialty tea products are glowing. And therefore require very special skills to be recognized.   

We recognized a gap in the tea market where a huge opportunity exists for specialty or gift-type products which could be offered in a completely unique and innovative way. Many other high-end tea products lacked any novel ideas in either packaging or in their tea blends as most of the tea brands have been using very similar packaging with just their branding on them. Especially with metal tin caddies, due to high costs involved in personalized molds and logistics, almost all tea brands were going for common mass market shapes hence, there was nothing new in them.   

In the upscale niche market segment, people do not hesitate to spend $1 or $2 more if they see something extraordinary and special. This is what prompted us to strive for a new concept of exclusive teas in innovative and creative packaging.

Our distributors now have a product that no one else has and distributor bargaining power is exceptionally strong against competitors.          

Basilur Tea has chosen,  

  • To be special,

  • To be unique in all we do,

  • To be more than just a cup of tea,

  • To be an exceptional tea experience, and

  • To be a leader in differentiation.

  We primarily offer tea in high-quality metal decorative tea caddies with unmatched and unique shapes and artistic designs with exquisite tea blends which are even better than the packaging itself.  We achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by delivering benefits that exceed those of other tea products and thus create superior profits for our distributors and for us. This has made us a leader in differentiation.   

We have not only differentiated ourselves but also sell our products to a focused group with a higher degree of customer loyalty. Through this Differentiation-Focused Strategy, we are able to develop products that offer unique attributes that are valued by customers and that customers perceive to be appreciably better and different than ordinary tea products in the marketplace.  

This Differentiation-Focused Strategy allows us and our distributors to charge a premium price for specialty tea which customers are willing to pay since substitute products cannot easily be found in the marketplace.  In order to tackle the problem of competitive imitation tea goods and inherent changes in customer tastes, we register all our new inventions as industrial designs or receive patent licenses. Each year we introduce slightly re-designed/changed packaging and tea blends 1-2 times annually for each existing product range. This is in addition to not less than 15-25 new products that we introduce each year.  

We are able to tailor a broad range of product development strengths to a relatively narrow market segment that we know very well.  Fortunately, ours is a growing market. It’s human nature to try something new, no matter how big a loyal customer you are to a particular brand. And also generally speaking, since our target consumers have a wealthy lifestyle and always seek better benefits, there is always their habitual desire to go for better looking, unique and attractive tea packs even at a premium price. 

In order to face threats of substitutes, 95% of products are being offered in our proprietary shapes and designs which no one has in the industry. And, as mentioned earlier, they are protected with relevant licenses. Our brand has earned a name for its innovations and perceived to be ‘the brand which always has something new on the shelves.’  This creates brand allegiance for our distributors.  

The buyer power is in our favour because large buyers have less power to negotiate because there are few alternatives.  Customer loyalty discourages potential new competitor entrants and thereby reduces the threat of substitutes.  

Our focus towards a narrower segment has served as a core competency that will act as an entry barrier. We do in fact incur extra costs on R&D but are able to pass that on to end customers. As a brand with a Differentiation-Focused Strategy, our competitors will find it very hard to meet consumer demands.



“We want to be the market leader in niche segment of specialty tea & herbs offering highest quality products to our consumers in an ever innovative fashion”.



“Our Mission is to be the leading brand that offers the finest tea & herbal infusions in the most innovative packaging and fusions in a variety that has consistency, and will elevate the tea drinking to a novel experience by uplifting the lifestyles of our consumers with a cup beyond traditional tea packs.”



The core value of our brand Basilur Tea is that it stands among others as ‘unique’ in both taste and packaging – a brand that has a meaning and is not just another package of tea. For example, the ‘Island of tea’ is in the shape of Sri Lanka. The ‘Leaf of Ceylon’ is in the shape of a tea leaf, the ‘Bouquet’ is in the shape of a flower, the ‘Garden of Stones’ are like actual ‘stones’ and ‘Winter Book’ is really a ‘book’. We always introduce our tea products in innovative packaging designed and invented by us. Also, we introduce new products throughout the year with unique shapes & designs. These designs are protected via patent licenses and industrial registrations.  

The exceptional quality tea leaf and tea blends appeal to a sophisticated palate – the consumer who can taste the various nuances of tea flavor and appreciates the golden Ceylon color in the tea cup.  The discerning tea consumer who enjoys a tea of origin, such as Ceylon, acquires an educated palate and is able to immediately grasp the high-quality of Basilur Tea.  In addition, Basilur Tea is honored with the Tea Board of Sri Lanka’s lion logo – further guarantee of its freshness and quality.    

Basilur Tea appeals to a broad market base through easily accessible global distributorships ease of enjoyment and a strong premium message about product, packaging and country of origin.



We’re the first to admit that our tea is a world-class product at a premium price. It isn’t our goal to offer cheap tea.  Our goal is to offer you the best of the best.  When you sip a cup of Basilur Pure Ceylon Tea, you are instantly aware of its quality.  And because of its excellent quality and great packaging, distributors are assured of increased revenues, faster delivery time and efficiency from tea plantation to tea market, an increased market share and improved customer retention.  

It’s all about customer retention and relationships.  That’s why we strive to be creative and innovative to win (and to keep) the hearts of our customers at each level.



Distinctive – Basilur’s in-house shapes & designs versus commonly used packaging.

Defensible – All of our shapes are registered/patented to avoid being copied. In any case, we offer new products very often, always better than our previous generation. If our shapes are copied by disreputable competitors, we shall have another set of new products coming onto the market within a short period of time so that an unauthorized copy will be out of date, already.

Deliverable – We deliver what we promise.  People love creativity! Especially, they love to see creativity in an extensive range of teas where quality coupled with creativity which, is very seldom seen.  There is a certain element of delightful surprise when consumers try our teas. Therefore, our ideas are very well accepted and praised by consumers.   

Enjoy your cup of Basilur tea!

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