Enjoy the classic flavours of spring with our all-new Vintage Blossoms Collection

Enjoy the classic flavours of spring with our all-new Vintage Blossoms Collection

Mar 14, 2022

In keeping up with our innovative culture, this Spring we are bringing you an all-new tea experience with our Vintage Blossoms collection. This beautiful collection of tea with hand-drawn packaging celebrates some of the most beloved Spring flavours among tea lovers with five innovative products. 

Citrus Bliss 

This tea brings a blissfully delicious and refreshing combination of Nuwara Eliya tea leaves with chamomile and natural mandarin flavour. Nuwara Eliya is one of the most coveted Ceylon teas from the highlands of Sri Lanka and is famed for its light flavour notes and gentle aroma. Due to these exceptional characteristics, Nuwara Eliya tea is often compared to fine champagne. This delectable blend will surely be one of your favourites if you are a fan of subtle tangy and flavour notes. 

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Jasmine Dream

This dreamy and aromatic blend brings a combination of Nuwara Eliya tea leaves and jasmine flowers. The light notes of both Nuwara Eliya Tea and jasmine make this tea a perfect pick to wind down and relax with.

In addition to the delectable flavour and aroma, jasmine is also an incredibly healthy ingredient to have in your tea due to its rich antioxidant content. 

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Floral Bouquet

Bringing together an epitome of spring flavours, this tea offers a luxurious and romantic combination of pure Ceylon green tea, hibiscus, rose and peppermint.  A gloriously delicious brew with a sensational aroma. Ideal for an afternoon tea affair paired with your favourite sweet delights. The addition of hibiscus and rose not only adds delectable floral flavours and aromas to your tea, but also adds a wonderful pink hue to the brew to make it pleasant to your eyes. 


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Rose Fantasy


Roses have been and always will be a quintessential part of spring. So, when curating our new spring collection, we could not forget to dedicate a product for roses.


In our all-new Rose Fantasy tea, you will find a magical combination of pure Ceylon green tea, hibiscus and rose flowers. It is a sweet and seductive brew, that is ideal to accompany your favourite dessert be it mid-afternoon or late night and perfect to be enjoyed with a dash of honey as well. 

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Passion Tropica


Another delightful, fruity sensation from our Vintage Blossoms collection. With the combination of pure Ceylon green tea, chamomile flowers and natural passionfruit flavour, this blend will surely transport you to a tropical paradise with each sip. A refreshing brew to be enjoyed hot or as iced tea with a dash of honey.


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