Our top summer iced tea brews!

Our top summer iced tea brews!

Aug 01, 2020

Summer is finally here! But sunny skies and rising temperatures do more than make our environment a pleasant place. They also provide some very significant benefits to our health and wellbeing. Sunlight helps to regulate almost all our bodily processes, as well as acting as psychological encouragement to improve our lifestyle. At Basilur, we strive to bring you the perfect cup of tea no matter what your mood is or the season is. Every tea lover knows that their Summer is not complete without a good cup of iced tea. Here’s our guide to Basilur’s top iced tea brews to help keep you refreshed this summer!

Basilur Mango & Pineapple Black Tea

Sad that you can’t visit the tropics this summer because of travel restrictions? Worry no more! We are bringing your dream tropical summer to you! This favourite from our magic fruits collection brings you the perfect concoction of Ceylon black tea, pineapple and mango. Basilur’s mango and pineapple black tea will help you make the perfect iced tea if you love the classic flavour of Ceylon black tea with the added twist of fruity flavours. If you still need some warmth this summer, our mango and pineapple black tea is also the perfect match for a nice warm cup of tea with a dash of honey. In addition to the fruity flavours, this blend also brings you the valuable health benefits of mango and pineapple. Research shows that mango is packed with antioxidants, helps boost immunity, improves digestive function and improves skin and hair health. On the other hand, pineapple is also packed with antioxidants, helps suppress inflammation, eases digestion and is loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and important fibres. 


Basilur Lemon & Lime Ceylon Black Tea



This is a contemporary twist on the classic iced lemon tea. Basilur’s lemon and lime black tea is a dream for every citrus lover! This tea is perfect for a bright brew that will refresh your summer with the tangy taste of lemon and lime. If you are tired of having the usually sweet-flavoured cold brews, our lemon and lime black tea is the perfect palette cleanser for you. In addition, the generous flavour of this blend will make sure that you will be able to enjoy the flavours until your last sip and have it linger in your palette once you are done. Top it off with some mint leaves and it’ll be a summer refreshment like you’ve never had before! Apart from their refreshing, citrusy flavours, lemon and lime are also packed with many health benefits. They promote hydration in your body, are a great source of vitamin C, support weight loss, improve skin health, aid digestion and freshen your breath. So, now you can complement your summer with a brew that is good for your body and your palette! 

Basilur Strawberry & Kiwi Black Tea



One of our favourites from the magic fruits collection, the strawberry and kiwi black tea brings the sweet and luscious flavours of strawberries and the subtle flavours of kiwi together to add a twist to your everyday cup of tea. On top of its delicious flavour, the aroma is sure to surround you with summer-y feels. This full-bodied Ceylon black tea is perfect for either a cold or a hot brew. Along with it’s sweet, refreshing flavor, strawberries also carry a generous volume of water, protein, fibre and sugar. It is also proven to improve heart health and blood sugar regulation. In the same way, kiwis are also found to be good to treat asthma, prevent morning sickness, manage blood pressure, protect against vision loss and aid digestion. 


Basilur Blood Orange Fruit Infusion 


Our fruit infusions collection brings you a unique blend of natural fruits and herbs that are perfect for any occasion. The blood orange fruit infusion is the perfect match for a unique cold brew to keep you refreshed this summer. The warm red colour of the blood orange fruit infusions brew is sure to bring a unique twist to your cuppa. In addition, the sweet and sour flavour of blood oranges suit anyone’s palette. Known to have originated from the volcanic atmospheres near Mount Etna in Sicily, blood oranges are a great source of antioxidants that help to enable longevity of life. In addition, blood oranges are known to be rich in vitamin C, have anti-inflammatory properties, provide micronutrients that are good for your skin and aid weight loss!

There you have it, our tea masters’ top picks for the perfect summer iced tea brews. If you are looking for the best way to prepare iced tea, check out Basilur’s guide to brewing the perfect cup of Ceylon Iced Tea. We hope you have a great summer full of joy, warmth and good flavours! 

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