Pink Tea - 40 Enveloped Tea Bags - 4 Flavours

USD $25.00

Pure & glamorous from the outside, yet sweet & adventurous from the inside. Time to enjoy the most delectable tea creativity from Basilur, crafted as a tribute to all the inspiring ladies! Sip it as you deserve to be treated like a queen, or wrap it to cherish all the aspiring souls around you!

Candy Floss

Crafted with sweetness & magic to bring back your most joyful memories! This wonderful green tea steeps with a dreamy pinkish brew and a floral aroma to set you in the mood for a special treat. With a flavor reminiscent of our favorite holiday treat, Candy floss, it's a potion made in heaven for inspiring souls.

Cherry Ice Cream

Cherry on top & it's a celebration! Yes, here's a perfect sip for cheering moments of life with a flavor that you adore the most. This shining pinky cuppa unfolds with a seductive Cherry & floral aroma while its enchanting Cherry ice cream flavor awakens the romanticist within you. A sip to share & enjoy!


Soft, sweet, and hard to resist! There’s no other treat as comforting as Marshmallows, and we’ve turned it into a sublime tea! Steeps with an inviting floral aroma and a pinkish hue to remind you of real Marshmallows, & sip it for more surprises. With a startling hint of wolfberry approaches the sweet Marshmallow flavor & together, all feels heavenly.

Forest Gateau

Nothing can beat the glory of a classic Forest Gateau, yet we wish to compliment it! Here's our revolutionary craft wrapped in tea leaves for all the Gateau lovers. It's a floral & pinkish tea that comes loaded with layers of flavors to replicate the charm of a Forest Gateau & these finer sips are truly divine!

Medium Caffeine and Gluten-Free

Ceylon green tea with hibiscus, beetroot, candy floss flavor, cherry ice cream flavor, marshmallow flavor and black forest gateau flavor

The Story Of Basilur

Basilur Tea was founded by Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama, an individual with decades of experience in producing and exporting the finest quality Ceylon tea. Dr. Gamini wanted to give the entire world the gift of Ceylon tea. However, he wanted to go about this in a special way. He wanted tea to become more than just a beverage. He wanted tea to become an experience.

The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

We believe that the experience of drinking tea should be an everyday celebration and a joyous affair, which brings family and friends together. Each of our products depicts this idea of celebration, joy and togetherness. We offer a vast range of teas for every occasion, every season of the year and every personal celebration. From deep dark brews, to teas similar to the characteristics of fine champagne, the endless varieties are nature’s most precious gifts!