Blue tea - Assorted - 40E

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Following the success of Pink Tea, Basilur decided to make the dream come true by introducing “Blue Teas”. This attractive assorted pack contains 40 enveloped tea bags, with 4 different flavors. Each tea bag captures the essence of the Blue Pea flower, combined with high-quality Green Tea and all-natural, herbal ingredients. Enjoy and share the multiple health benefits of these delightful Blue teas, with your loved ones!


Grand Lavender 

High-quality Green Tea, combined with Blue Pea flowers and Lavender floral taste with a hint of Blueberry. Enjoy an eye-pleasing blue tea that can be sipped anytime, any season!

Rosy Blue Pea

Enjoy a calming cup of high-quality Green Tea blended with Blue Pea flowers, delicate white roses, and Vanilla. Enjoy as a warm or chilled tea to comfort yourself any time, any season!

Sapphire Lotus

This tea blends high-quality Green Tea with Blue Pea flowers, Lotus, and Apple for a delightful, aromatic experience. Savor this blue tea as warm or chilled, to suit your mood!

Zesty Elderflower

This tea is made with high-quality Green Tea combined with Blue Pea flowers, the flavor of Elderflowers, and Oranges. Enjoy this blue tea warm or chilled, as per your preference!


40 Assorted foil enveloped tea bags of 4 types packed into a cardboard box.

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What our customers say about Basilur Tea
🇯🇵 Hiroto

The purchaser first sees the design of Basilur Tea and makes a purchase. Then they experience the perfect taste of the tea, whether it's black tea, flavored tea, green tea, or non-caffeine options. Every tea is guaranteed to be delicious, and it can be enjoyed no matter how it is brewed. The tea pairs perfectly with food and dessert.

🇨🇦 Kat Kube

Exceptional service, great products, quick shipping!

🇸🇪 MK

Wonderful service and products. I saw a Basilur tea collection at work and ordered them for the whole family at Christmas. Was very appreciated!

🇺🇸 Borlena

We love tea, the pure black one. The Ceylon tea that Basilur represents has high quality. The descriptions of each variety is very accurate. Even the metal tins can be collectibles. The service is superb, the shipping is prompt and trackable. We purchased from this site many times already, and plan to continue.


Amazing company! Tasty tea and such a beautiful design & package. Love my purchase.