Basilur Tea Instruments - Glass Tea Tumbler - 450ML

USD $30.00

Basilur double-walled high-quality Borosilicate glass tumbler with a bamboo lid, detachable strainer & infuser basket for loose leaf teas & infusions | 450ml

Special features: Borosilicate glass | Double-walled |Detachable stainless steel strainer | Dishwasher safe | Easy to clean | Easy to use | Travel cozy

Capacity: 450ml

Color: Transparent glass with a silver colour strainer & a bamboo lid

Materials: Double-walled Borosilicate glass | BPA-Free materials| Bamboo Lid

About the Basilur Tumbler:

  • Premium quality product – High quality Borosilicate double-walled glass tumbler withstands high temperatures and also fast changes in temperature. It also has an elegant brand engraved bamboo lid for a perfect finish.
  • Convenient, easy to carry tea solution – Ability to prepare both hot & chilled tea/infusions using loose leaf, tea bag or pyramid tea bag formats, whichever format you prefer. It’s simply your choice!
  • Durability – High quality materials used for these tumblers will ensure a long term usage provided you take due care of it.
  • Safety & eco friendliness – All materials are of food grade. It is BPA free & free from any harmful plastic components, chemicals or toxins.
  • Cherishable moments – You can create your own tea moments with your loved ones at any place conveniently. Stay connected with them always.
  • Perfect Gift for tea & infusion lovers – Each of these high quality tumblers come with its own stunning packaging which is giftable to anyone. Couple this up with the favorite Basilur tea/infusion tin caddy of your loved ones & present a complete tea solution filled with love.

Preparation instructions:

  1. Twist off the top strainer from the infuser basket.
  2. Add loose tea leaves or infusion mix to the infuser basket then twist the top strainer closed.
  3. Set the basket/strainer unit to the top of the flask and press down until it snaps gently into place.
  4. Then you can pour hot or cold water over the strainer to fill the bottle and let it steep for the required amount of time.
  5. Alternatively, you can also use a tea bag, by placing the tea bag into the bottle and securing the string of the tea bag with the strainer top only (without the infuser basket).
  6. Allow the tea bag to drift within the flask while it infuses.

The Story Of Basilur

Basilur Tea was founded by Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama, an individual with decades of experience in producing and exporting the finest quality Ceylon tea. Dr. Gamini wanted to give the entire world the gift of Ceylon tea. However, he wanted to go about this in a special way. He wanted tea to become more than just a beverage. He wanted tea to become an experience.

The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

We believe that the experience of drinking tea should be an everyday celebration and a joyous affair, which brings family and friends together. Each of our products depicts this idea of celebration, joy and togetherness. We offer a vast range of teas for every occasion, every season of the year and every personal celebration. From deep dark brews, to teas similar to the characteristics of fine champagne, the endless varieties are nature’s most precious gifts!