Ceylon Silver Green Needle - Artisan collection

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The needle is a product originating from Sri Lanka famously known for Ceylon tea of the plant camellia Sinensis. This tea is made by handpicking only the buds of a special cultivar of the tea plant grown in a single estate. The flavour of Ceylon tea is brought on by the effects of the soil, rainfall, and time of day of picking. This produces a tea with a distinctive character that is different from other blends. This silver-green tip is one of the most exquisite, rare, and expensive teas in the world selectively harvested from tea plants grown in regions spread out in the low altitudes of Sri Lanka.

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Kat Kube🇨🇦

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We love tea, the pure black one. The Ceylon tea that Basilur represents has high quality. The descriptions of each variety is very accurate. Even the metal thins can be collectibles. The service is superb, the shipping is prompt and trackable. We purchased from this site many times already, and plan to continue.


Amazing company! Tasty tea and such a beautiful design & package. Love my purchase.


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