Understanding Pink Tea

Understanding Pink Tea

May 31, 2024

In the world of tea, where tradition meets innovation, pink tea has gained attention for its vibrant hue and refreshing taste, quickly capturing the hearts of global tea enthusiasts despite its recent emergence.

Unveiling the secret behind pink tea

At first glance, its striking pink-red colour might raise eyebrows and pique curiosity. What gives this tea its distinctive hue? The secret lies in the infusion of hibiscus petals, which not only impart a visually stunning appearance but also contribute a tart, tangy, and slightly sour flavour, accented by a hint of cranberry-like acidity, while also delivering a subtle floral note to the brew. Green tea simply contributes to pink tea's distinct flavour, enhancing the refreshing fusion of flavours and colours when combined with hibiscus. With its rising popularity, enthusiasts are exploring creative variations of this beloved drink, showcasing how tea culture evolves. Pink tea embodies warmth, hospitality, and imagination, making it perfect for everyday enjoyment or special occasions.

Exploring the benefits of hibiscus in pink tea

Moreover, pink tea has gained popularity for its substantial health benefits. Green tea, known for its antioxidant properties and potential to promote heart health, forms the foundation of this beverage. Hibiscus, on the other hand, boasts an array of health benefits, for instance:

- Rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin C

- Packed with essential minerals like iron and magnesium

- Helps lower blood pressure

- A rich source of antioxidants

- An immunity supporter

- A potential blood fat level regulator

- Potentially could aid in weight management

- May promote overall liver health

Basilur’s twist on pink tea

With the growing trend of pink tea, we at Basilur Tea made our pink tea debut with our special assortment. Presenting our thrilling new range of pink teas, where refined grace meets bold, exciting tastes! Prepare to be enchanted by the four charming flavours that await you in this enchanting new assortment: Candy Floss, Cherry Ice Cream, Marshmallow, and Forest Gateau. 


Candy Floss

Crafted to evoke joyful memories, this has an aroma reminiscent of candy floss. It's a heavenly potion for those seeking inspiration.


Cherry Ice Cream

Perfect for celebratory moments, this tea unfolds a seductive note, the delightful flavour of cherry ice cream. It's a sip to cherish and share.



Soft, sweet, and irresistible, this tea captures the comforting essence of marshmallows enhanced by the mintiness of wolfberry.


Forest Gateau

A tribute to the classic Forest Gateau, this tea replicates the layers of flavours found in the beloved cake. Each sip offers a divine experience for Gateau lovers.

Whether you sip it regally or share it with kindred spirits, immerse yourself in these four delectable pink blends, one of Basilur's latest offerings!

Celebrated for its captivating colour, refreshing taste, and potential health benefits, pink tea serves as a symbol of creativity and community, inviting indulgence to savour its magic.

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