Earl Grey Assortment

Introducing our unique Ceylon Earl Grey gifting Assortment!

Jul 04, 2022

It is with the greatest excitement we announce that Basilur Tea continues on its journey as a leading tea brand when it comes to innovations based on extensive research & development studies, with the launch of the unique Ceylon Earl Grey gifting Assortment. Our tea masters worked tirelessly while testing & researching hundreds of different flavors, in order to cherry-pick the four best blends preferred by consumers for our brand new Earl Grey collection. Basilur’s freshest Ceylon tea perfectly blended with natural bergamot flavor along with four other natural flavors, takes your palette on a different journey; from calming lavender to fruity & tangy Orange & Mandarin, to refreshing & floral Jasmine. Our Earl Grey assortment is an ideal tea range to be served at tea parties or to be enjoyed as a relaxing cup by oneself at any time of the day. With the unique complimenting natural flavors added to Basilur Earl Grey tea, this can now be used as a perfect ingredient in many food recipes as desired.

Earl Grey is one of the most popular and recognized tea beverages in the world. The global Earl Grey tea market reached a volume of 6.5 million tons in 2020 with a forecasted CAGR of 3.5% in 2022-2027. This tea has been hailed for its health benefits ranging from the heart to digestive health.

What truly makes Earl Grey unique is its blend of bergamot flavor and black tea. Bergamot oranges are grown in Calabria, Italy, and parts of France. The fruit more closely resembles limes in appearance. The flavor of bergamot oranges is a blend of a variety of citrus fruits. It looks like a cross between an orange and lime but tastes more like grapefruit or lemon. The bergamot orange tree is believed to be a hybrid of the orange tree native to Seville and the lemon tree native to Southeast Asia. The resulting citrusy and chocolate flavors make this tea a delight in the morning and at night. It is famously associated with royals and a staple at high-profile events.

Traditionally, Earl Grey was made from black teas such as Chinese Keemun, and therefore intended to be drunk without milk. However, over time, stronger teas were used as the base for Earl Grey, which makes it stronger suited to the addition of milk or cream. Basilur's Earl Grey collection is made with 100% Pure Ceylon Tea & all-natural flavors, which makes our range of Earl Grey's unique and more flavourful. Due to the process Basilur follows, the freshest tea of Ceylon are used for these teas delivering the distinctive characteristics of Premium Ceylon tea.

A unique feature of Earl Grey tea is the ability to be used in food recipes. This tea is used as a flavoring for many types of cakes and confectionery, such as chocolates, as well as savory sauces. For sauces, the flavor is normally created by adding tea bags to the basic stock, boiling for a few minutes, and then discarding the bags. For sweet recipes, loose tea is often added to melted butter or hot cream and strained after the flavor is infused.

Basilur’s latest Earl Grey collection takes you on a classic journey with four innovative and tantalizing flavors to give you a sensational tea drinking experience each and every time.

Explore our collection here.

Basilur's 40E and 20E Earl Grey assortment.

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