Why tea is a miracle beverage!
Mar 27, 2020
As we now have more time to spend at home, tea time becomes one of the best parts of the day to reconnect and rekindle relationships with your loved ones. But, did you know that tea is also extremely beneficial for your health?
Brewing the perfect cup of Green Tea!
Mar 14, 2020
Brewing tea is both an art and a science. Scientists have been researching the right...
Tea or coffee? The answer to the age old debate!
Feb 29, 2020
At Basilur, we believe that tea is one of the great uniters, and millions of people around the world start and end their days with a cuppa. However, coffee seems to be the hot drink of choice for a lot of people around the globe too. That’s not to say we don’t mind the odd mug of coffee every so often, but really, tea has been an institution for centuries for a reason. So, if you are thinking about making the switch from coffee to tea, here are 5 reasons that will justify your decision!
What makes tea the perfect gift!
Feb 16, 2020
Gift giving is a worldwide tradition, yet it challenges many of us. Finding the perfect gift is hard. Most of us want to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives, but have no idea where to begin.
The rich history between China and Tea!
Jan 31, 2020
Having just celebrated Chinese New Year, we felt that this was a great time to discuss the rich history that China has with tea! In Chinese history there is reference to tea as far back as 5000 years.
How to brew loose leaf tea?
Jan 19, 2020
It’s a question that everyone finds themselves facing at some point as they stand there by the kettle, bag of tea in one hand, infuser in the other. If you’re making a whole tea pot for several people, that adds an extra potential layer of confusion, too. Therefore, this blog will be dedicated to helping you clarify this issue